Matchday Coaching Chilena

The first Chil ean Conference of Coaching program Conferences for executives of companies November 7, 2006 Auditorium building San Agustin Campus San Joaquín Universidad Catolica 09:30-09:45 welcome, by David Fuller, President DICTUC 09 :45 to 09:50Programa of the day, by Paul Anwandter, President of the A.C.C. 10:00-11: 00 CONFERENCIA 1Liderazgo and Coaching María Isabel Cortázar M., project manager and Professor Center for leadership, University Adolfo Ibáñez Conference 2Coaching: Una mirada Global and integrative Raúl Pacheco, President of the International Coaching Federation, Chilean chapter 11: 00-11:30 COFFEE BREAK 11:3 0 to 12:30CONF ERENCIA 3negociacion and Coaching by Cristian Saieh, Director of the Center for negotiation and mediation of the U.C. Conference 4Coaching for changes by Paul Anwandter , Director Gerente INPACT S.A. 12:30 to 14:30 lunch 14:30 to 15:30CONFERENCIA Executive 5Coaching by Alan Frenk, President of the SCPN L Conference 6Recreando the organization by Janet Donoso, Rosa Corral, Karin Plass, rapporteurs… Ver artículo

Jornada Chilena de Coaching

O primeiro prog rama chileno conferência de Coaching Conferências para executivos de empresas 7 de novembro de 2006 Auditório edifício San Agustin Campus San Joaquín Universidad Catolica 09:30-09:45 bem-vindo, por David Fuller, Presidente DICTU C 09:45 para 09:50Programa do dia, por Paul Anwandter, presidente da A.C.C. 10:00-11: 1L iderazgo de 00CONFERENCIA e Coaching María Isabel Cortázar M., gerente de projeto e Professor centro para liderança, 2Coaching Universidade Adolfo Ibáñez Conference: Una mirada Global e Integrativa Raúl Pacheco, presidente da Federação Internacional de Coaching, chileno capí tulo 11:00-11:30 pausa caf é 11:30 12:30C ONFERENCIA 3negociacion e Coaching por Cristian Saieh, diretor do centro para negociação e mediação de 4Coaching a U.C. Conference para alterações por Paul Anwandter , Diretor Gerente INPACT S.A. 12:30 a 14:30 almoço 14:30 para 15:30CONFERENCIA executivo 5Coaching por Alan Frenk, presidente da 6Rec reando a SCPNL conferência da organização por Janet Donoso, Rosa Corral, Karin Plass, professores… Ver artículo

Primera Jornada Chilena de Coaching

Programa de la Primera Jornada Chilena de Coaching Conferencias para Ejecutivos de Empresas 7 de Noviembre 2006 Auditorium Edificio San Agustín Campus San Joaquín Universidad Católica 09:30 a 09:45 Bienvenida, por David Fuller, Presidente DICTUC 09:45 a 09:50Programa de la jornada,por Paul Anwandter, Presidente de la A.C.C. 10:00 a 11:00 CONFERENCIA 1Liderazgo y Coaching por María Isabel Cortázar M., Jefe de Proyectos y Profesora Centro de Liderazgo, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez CONFERENCIA 2Coaching : Una mirada Global e Integradora por Raúl Pacheco, Presidente de la International Coaching Federation, Capítulo Chileno 11:00 a 11:30 COFFEE BREAK 11:30 a 12:30 CONFERENCIA 3Negociación y Coaching por Cristian Saieh, Director del Centro de Negocación y Mediación de la U.C. CONFERENCIA 4Coaching para los Cambios por Paul Anwandter, Director Gerente INPACT S.A. 12:30 a 14:30 ALMUERZO 14:30 a 15:30CONFERENCIA 5Coaching Ejecutivo por Alan Frenk, Presidente de la SCPNL CONFERENCIA 6Recreando la Organización por Janet Donoso, Rosa… Ver artículo

Workshop on Indigo children

Institute of Neuro-Linguistics essential Program educational new children international Argentina – Mexico – Uruguay – Venezuela Do you have a child hyper, sometimes impulsive or aggressive, rebellious, not legusta go to school or study, refuses to do the tasks, distracted or absent, with problems of attention deficit, dyslexia, and don't know you do to improve your behavior? TE INVITE TO LEARN HOW TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS!!! Film "Evolution Indigo" DOCUMENTARY FILM ABOUT JAMES TWYMAN Who are the Indigo children?, they have come to save the world? or they are product of our imagination?. Wednesday, November 15 – 19:30 hrs. y Conference information "Who are the new children" Also called: problematic, with attention deficit, gifted children, hiperkineticos, Indigo. Wednesday 15 November – 21.00 hrs. School: 'Saint Catherine Laboure' Genaro Benavides #5761, Queen Training workshops with Essential neuro-Linguistics Intended for: teachers, educators, social workers, health professionals, therapists and people who wish to… Ver artículo