Students of the diploma of hypnosis 2006

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Dear students,

my congratulations on the fantastic work that you made during the year 2006! It has

been a great pleasure having learned a great privilege and have been his teacher of hypnosis Clinic

a.tambien am very proud of everything that made this weekend and how it helped so many people who had problems that were with them for years and years. You, with a single session, solved them and helped alleviate many headaches… Thank you for

that. Apart from the excellence of the work carried out, it was fantastic to discover how you realized what now are able to… right? A

million thanks to Andrea Castro for its continued support, wisdom, friendship, empathy and warmth to join "all" in this journey which has been very nice and rewarding. T

hat hypnotically "childlike" part, which likes to play:

"If you ask my name, my initial is in a globo.y m

y second letter, is always a walk. Th

e third and fourth will be in total. I

am ready and surly, with sea look.

It is clear that which sep

arates us. You hope

to love." A hug with love for all of you,


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